The Buffalo Irish Festival

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Tir na nÓg (Land of Youth)

Tir na nÓg in Irish Mythology is known as the land of eternal youth and is depicted as an island paradise and supernatural realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health, abundance, and joy. Its inhabitants are described as the Tuatha Dé Danann or the warriors of the Tuatha Dé, the supernatural creatures of pre-Christian Ireland, who engage in poetry, music, and entertainment.

At the Buffalo Irish Festival, Tir na nÓg is a place for the young and young at heart, where kids can be kids, be entertained, and learn about their Irish heritage and culture.  This year activities will include stories of mythological Irish heroes, Irish fairies and lake monsters, learning about Irish music and dance, face painting from ArtByB, and getting a chance to sing with the Celtic Angels.  Our Tir na nÓg  area is one of the many things that help make the Buffalo Irish Festival an event for the whole family!




6:00 - Rainbows, Clovers and Shamrocks
7:00 - Muckie the Lake Monster and other legends
8:00 - Story time

12:00 - From Ireland to America
1:00 - Animals in Irish 
2:00 -  Spudtacular Potatoes!
3:00 - The Music of Ireland 
4:00 - Let’s Irish dance 
5:00 - The Legendary Finn McCool 
6:00 - The Fairies of Ireland
7:00 - Story time 

11:30 - Book of Kells
12:30 - Wooly Sheep
1:30  - Sing with the Celtic Angels 
2:30 - Helping our friends the animals 
3:30 - Let’s Irish Dance
4:30 - Story time